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Former gymnast, Greg Glassman, began in the late 1970s to develop a training format, which is now known as CrossFit. CrossFit engages in the required properties as versatile as possible in sports and everyday life. Glassman describes the ideal athlete as a combination of the gymnast, weightlifter and a short distance runner. CrossFit´s view, in other words, the athlete should be strong and durable, but at the same time maintain the mobility and agility.


Lukuisat henkilöt ympäri maailman ovat parantaneet elämänlaatuaan CrossFitin avulla.


Keskitymme fyysisten osa-alueiden parantamiseen, kuten kestävyys (sydän ja verisuoni-, hengityselimistö- ja lihaskestävyys), voima, liikkuvuus, räjähtävyys, nopeuskoordinaatio, ketteryys, tasapaino ja tarkkuus.

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(ENG: Sisältöä ei ole.. ) Harjoitamme urheilussa ja jokapäiväisessä elämässä tarvittavia ominaisuuksia mahdollisimman monipuolisesti.



Starting CrossFit training at the Basement requires you to complete the On-Ramp course. After completing the On-Ramp course, you may join the CrossFit classes at any time that suits your schedule. The On-Ramp course price is 250€ and includes two week of free training after the guided course.


monthly: 110 € 3 months: 297 € 6 months: 561 € 12 months: 1056 € 10-card: 150€ (valid 3 months)

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Smartum – vouchers and ePassi Usage: when you have received an invoice let us know the amount, which you would like to compensate with your vouchers. Sign every voucher separately and include them in a envelpoe with your name and the amount paid in euros, give the envelope to the coach. If you are using ePassi just follow their instructions and after we will update your invoice. Any questions email: niko@crossfitbasement.fi

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