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Xanax is a tranquilizer used in the short-term relief of symptoms of anxiety or the treatment of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorder is marked by unrealistic worry or excessive fears and concerns. Anxiety associated with depression is also responsive to Xanax.

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3mg xanax pill ? (I'd prefer not) Can someone please help me? My friend bought me 20mg xanax pills and i can't figure out how to use them at all. He gave me 10mg (they're the only ones we bought) and told me to take one at 9am then another 10am and one at 11am, 8pm another 9.5pm, and one at 10.5pm. I'm having a horrible problem and don't feel ready to take more - does anyone have any ideas? anon140596 Post 10 i'm trying to get off of xanax because i'm not so good at sleeping. i was on 10mg earlier today but i was only able to nap about 2 - 3 minutes per break. now i'm only able to nap for half an hour so i can go back to sleep at 6pm. im doing this because my roommate got into xanax 2 days in a row and he is unable to sleep since he takes 12mg of Adderall online for cheap something everyday. i'm not going to buy a different brand of xanax because this one feels and works the same i'll be on it until i can find something better. anon140092 Post 9 my wife took 20mg. she said still feels the same as she did day before, and no effects. is it advisable to take this many? is it normal the body can adjust to this dose? anon139056 Post 8 @anon85923-- Thanks for the correction, I had meant to write "if your taking a lot." anon126935 Post 7 @anon89234 -- Thanks for posting this. Now I know the name to check with pharmacists because there are some common things to search for: anon117996 Post 6 I have a friend who was on xanax because it more effective on an empty stomach that other drugs he had taken. has nightmares since, he is now off but there still something in me that isn't working on this type of drug. It is extremely dangerous. When I see people on there am always concerned. anon115029 Post 5 I can't sleep. I'm not able to fall asleep or stay asleep. Clonazepam 1mg value I will open my eyes several times. I can't even think about it. It has been two weeks now and I am still not getting better. I think it is anxiety and fatigue coming on. anon105252 Post 4 I can't seem to sleep. I'm in a bad mood most of the night and I know should feel rested for the morning but some reason, I don't. I've been taking a Xanax with food, which seems to increase my anxiety. What should I alprazolam 2mg generic xanax try? anon98554 Post 3 i have been on xanax for four months now and after taking it once makes me feel bad and I can't sleep. When take it again, makes me sleep for a couple of hours but then I feel worse. Do need to get off of it? anon98014 Post 2 3mg xanax green my friend took 20 mg of xanax last sunday she took 1/2 of pill and was sleeping in her bedroom all alone and when she woke up was in room with many other people in it she said was too scared to go out. and they weren't doing anything either. can anyone help this issue please she needs 3 mg xanax green it to end is 16 and going to junior high. anon87797 Post 1 Thank you.

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